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ChatChat - Claudia Cragg

Apr 13, 2010

This interview is with Lionel Shriver who lives in London and in the US. Few writers, fearing audience backlash, are as prepared to nail their political colors to the mast as she is.

The author of 10 novels, she stunned critics and readers alike with We Need To Talk About Kevin written in the voice of the mother of a Columbine type killer.

Now in her latest So Much For That' she gives readers a deeply honest look at the human cost of the American health care and insurance systems. Here she explains to  Claudia Cragg just why the topic was/is so important to her and no doubt now rejoices in the passage of President Obama's Healthcare bill.

The narrative is a searing, deeply humane novel about a crumbling marriage resurrected in the face of illness, and a family’s struggle to come to terms with disease, dying, and the obscene cost of medical care in modern America.