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ChatChat - Claudia Cragg

Mar 26, 2020

In this COVID 19 environment, Karen Masterson, a leading academic expert on the US 'malaria project' has been made aware that there is an alleged plan as this interview goes out to roll out the drug Chloroquine nationwide through doctors' offices as a de facto trial for 2020. Masterson thinks that this would unleash serious reactions and death. 
President Trump appears to be on the hunt for a 'magic bullet' he probably also seeks but the vast profits and the monopoly that will come to the US corporation that discovers and implements it. 
Just this afternoon, Greg Rigano posed as a Stanford Medical School advisor as he pushed using chloroquine to tackle coronavirus. He previously asked for investors to help 'cure death' through his crypotocurrency firm. He set up a secretive LLC in mid-February then went viral with the help of Elon Musk - but Google has removed the document which he formatted to look like a scientific paper, with two universities demanding their names be removed from it. Rigano, a 34-year-old lawyer in a family firm in Melville, Long Island, New York, appeared on a string of Fox News shows - presenting himself as a 'Stanford adviser' - before Donald Trump called himself a 'fan' of his claims about the anti-malarial drug.
Karen Masterson did an interview for It's The Economy on The Pentagon, Big Pharma, and chloroquine class drugs for malaria a while back. The drug her work focused on is the same 'pet drug', chloroquine, that the White House appears to be pushing hard as a universal panacea for Covid 19.
Such was his enthusiasm in the Twittersphere especially, that an Arizona man died this week from drinking a form of it in an aquarium-cleaning solution. There are also instances around the world from people doing the same with disastrous effect.
Masterson's point is that scientists like Dr Fauci must be allowed to develop drugs or vaccines with the usual science-based, peer-reviewed protocol or lives will inevitably be lost. Her body of work proves in at least two major trials the damage chloroquinine and that group of related drugs has done historically after the Second World War, during the Iraq War and can do now in the wrong hands and in the wrong doses.