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ChatChat - Claudia Cragg

Jul 1, 2021

Claudia Cragg @claudiacragg, speaks here with former Cleveland Mayor Dennis J. Kucinich (1977 – 1979). Twitter: @Dennis_Kucinich In his new book, Kucinich  gives an unprecedented, fully documented  insider’s account of his battle against a shadow city government which allegedly engaged in corporate espionage, sabotage, price-fixing, cut-throat competition, anti-trust activities,  organized crime, and wholesale fraud.  That is, until Kucinich, then America’s youngest big-city mayor at age 31, fought back, risking assassination attempts and the destruction of his personal life.   

One of America’s largest banks threatened to upend the city financially unless the new Mayor Kucinich agreed to sell the city’s publicly owned electric system, Muny Light, to the bank’s utility business partner, handing them a monopoly and the ability to raise electric rates to the sky.   The "powers that be" subverted the media.  They tried to buy Kucinich, and when they discovered he could not be bought, they tried to kill him. 

Key points are:-

  • A political battle that is more relevant today than ever, given corporate influence over government decisions at all levels - - which is why utility monopolies in Texas, California, Illinois, and Ohio have crushed consumers with sky-high rates, price gouging and criminal behavior.  
  • Why utility bills and taxes are so high and who is really making the decisions effecting their social and economic life.
  •  A road map showing how a principled approach to everyday life can empower each of us to find the courage to do the right thing.

THE DIVISION OF LIGHT AND POWER  by Dennis Kucinich (Finney Avenue Books; June 8, 2021)