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ChatChat - Claudia Cragg

Sep 12, 2013

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David Malone is a UK investigative financial reporter, the author of 'The Debt Generation' and and a BBC filmmaker.

In this interview for KGNU's 'It's The Economy', he discusses here with Claudia Cragg the always especially knotty subject of geopolitics. As in a super-fantastic War of the Worlds, in his opinion, Malone says the French are now teaming up with Qatar versus The House of Saud. This, he believes is to free themselves from the Russian dominance in natural gas. Furthermore, you'll hear him argue that powers outside Syria might even be content to have permanent multi-factional revolutionary foment in the region so nobody ever gets ultimate contol, leaving those with commercial interests free to roam.  It's not' all about NOT oil, he says, but gas gas gas.