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ChatChat - Claudia Cragg

Aug 1, 2013

From Claudia Cragg, KGNU Denver/Boulder
(To Listen, please CLICK the 'POD' icon above)

Last week, a young woman asked me if, after graduating from university, she should become a journalist

I had no answer. I'm not a psychologist, a careers advisor, a seer or a phrenologist prepared to lay my hands on her wickedly bumpy skull for portents.

Then of course I started to think for myself, why in fact had I become a journalist.

Was there was some point at which I had decided that was to be my future. No. Never.

But to answer her question as succinctly as I can, I'd say to the young lady (because she is a 'lady') just listen to this (attached piece) and you'll perhaps see why.

In this sad age of Fox/Sky News, #HackGate and paparazzi this is why. This, the piece you can listen to by simply clicking the iPod icon to the left of the title.

If you don't understand, after little over five minutes of just one of so very many remarkable people's stories over 35 years, I don't think you ever will.