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ChatChat - Claudia Cragg

Sep 5, 2013

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KGNU's Claudia Cragg speaks here with Miriam H. Zoll about her new book, 'Cracked Open' her eye-opening account of growing into womanhood with the simultaneous opportunities offered by the U.S. women’s movement and new discoveries in reproductive technologies.  

Influenced by the pervasive media and cultural messages suggesting that science had finally eclipsed Mother Nature, Zoll postponed motherhood until the age of 40. 

When things don’t progress as she had hoped, she enters a world of medical seduction and the bioethical quagmire. Desperate to conceive, she surrenders to unproven treatments and procedures only to learn that the odds of becoming a mother through reproductive technologies are far less than she and her generation had been led to believe.

Miriam Zoll is an award-winning writer and an international public health and reproductive rights advocate and educator. She is the founding coproducer of the Ms. Foundation for Women’s original 'Take Our Daughters To Work Day' and a member of the board of 'Our Bodies Ourselves'.