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ChatChat - Claudia Cragg

Feb 28, 2011

In this program, Claudia Cragg speaks with prize-winning author David Vann about his work in general and about his novel 'Caribou Island'. The book was recently featured as the night-time serial on BBC Radio 4's 'Book at Bedtime'.

'Caribou Island' "is set in David Vann's native Alaska, amid the icy, glacier-fed lakes and the remote islands covered in alder and Sitka spruce. And it is on such island, far from any habitation, that Gary, a medievalist who fled to Alaska 30 years before with his young wife, Irene, in search of an unattainable idyll, is now determined to begin once again. He will build a simple cabin there and at last find peace. Irene joins him in his endeavour, understanding, unlike her husband, that there are costs." 

Caribou Island is the second major literary work from David Vann, whose ground-breaking first book, 'Legend of a Suicide' has become a best-seller around the world and has won numerous literary awards including the prestigious Prix Medicis Etranger for 2010.

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