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ChatChat - Claudia Cragg

Mar 9, 2017

Author Gene Stone-@Genestone - talks about his latest book, The Trump Survival Guide' with KGNU's Claudia Cragg (@KGNUClaudia). 

The book contains twelve chapters, each one centering on an important matter to voters—from civil rights to immigration, from the economy to women's issues. Inside each chapter is a discussion of the issue, first in the form of a brief history lesson, then a summary of how President Obama addressed the issue, and next a prediction as to what Donald Trump realistically can and can't do. The last section, and possibly the most important, is a resource guide, offering readers advice on what they can do to fight back.

In 1988 Stone began a career as a writer and ghostwriter. He has written extensively for magazines, including New York, Esquire, GQ, and Vogue, but eventually dedicated his livelihood to books. His first ghostwritten project was for the Nicaraguan politician Arturo Cruz, Jr., Memoirs of a Counter-Revolutionary (1988).

Since then Stone has written more than thirty books with a diverse group of people, including theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking, former Yahoo! Chief Solutions Officer Tim Sanders, medical director of Canyon Ranch Resorts Mark Liponis, CNN executive vice-president Gail Evans, and TOMS Shoes founder Blake Mycoskie (the number one New York Times bestseller Start Something That Matters).

Stone has written a few other books under his own name, including the Washington Post number one bestseller The Bush Survival Bible (along with several other humor books), "Secrets of People Who Never Get Sick," which has been translated into more than twenty languages; and Little Girl Fly Away, which he co-produced as a television movie. Of these books, ten have been New York Times bestsellers.

Stone serves on the board of several not-for-profit organizations, including Surgeons Over Seas (SOS), which saves lives in developing countries by improving surgical care, and Truth Wins Out (TWO), a non-profit think tank and educational organization that defends the GLBT community against anti-gay misinformation.