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ChatChat - Claudia Cragg

Mar 16, 2017

YES! Magazine cofounder, Sarah van Gelder was becoming increasingly alarmed about the state of American society until it came to her that something could be done.

Witnessing the deep divides, racial violence, climate change, economic insecurity, and inequality - she wondered if perhaps US society is coming unraveled?

Has anyone got answers?

She confided her fears to a friend, who said, "If the universe could deploy the one small person that is you, what would it have you do?"

Her answer surprised them both: "I'd go out traveling and see for myself."

The result is her new book, The Revolution Where You Live.

Driving a 12-year-old Toyota pickup with a tiny camper, she visited 18 states and five Indian reservations, big cities, and small towns.

Instead of staying in the centers of power, where people are richly rewarded for their allegiance to the status quo, she headed out on the back roads of Montana and North Dakota; to the abandoned neighborhoods of Detroit, Chicago, Cincinnati, and Newark; to Appalachia and Greensboro, North Carolina; and home via Texas, New Mexico, and Utah.