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ChatChat - Claudia Cragg

Apr 30, 2020

A growing number of businesses and individuals worldwide have stopped using banknotes in fear that physical currency, handled by tens of thousands of people over its lifetime, could be a vector for the coronavirus.

Public officials and health experts have said the risk of transferring the virus person-to-person through 

Apr 23, 2020

Claudia Cragg @claudiacragg speaks here with David Rohde @RohdeD who is two-time recipient of the Pulitzer Prize, an executive editor of The New Yorker website, an MSNBC contributor, and a former New York Times, Reuters, and Christian Science Monitor reporter. 

He is the author of the just published 'IN DEEP: The FBI,...

Apr 16, 2020

According to a new report from the CDC, the Center for Disease Control, African Americans are being ‚Äúdisproportionately affected by COVID-19.‚ÄĚ The data showed that 33% of those hospitalized are black, a rate that outstripsrelative population size.
KGNU's Claudia Cragg, @claudiacragg speaks here with Daniel E....

Apr 9, 2020

At least 10 percent of American workers have lost their jobs in the past three weeks amid the coronavirus pandemic and a record 6.6 million new claims for unemployment benefits were filed last week. Weekly new claims topped 6 million for the second straight time last week as tough measures to control the novel...

Apr 2, 2020

Isabel Allende @isabelallende has been through a great deal in her life and that is why perhaps listening to her story now might be helpful to some? Believe it or not, the esteemed poet Pablo Neruda once called Isabel Allende "the worst journalist he had ever met..." This was because she had the effrontery to try and...