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ChatChat - Claudia Cragg

Nov 17, 2011

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"A remarkable man on many levels, Sam Brower is the real deal. Readers are apt to find his firsthand account of bringing Warren Jeffs to justice both extremely disturbing and absolutely riveting."-Jon Krakauer, from the foreword to Brower's book 'Prophet's Prey'.


Nov 9, 2011

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According to Campaign Manager, Jesse Lava, of’s campaign, ‘Who Are The One Percent?’inequality in the US has ballooned over the last three decades as some of the wealthiest Americans have enriched themselves...

Nov 3, 2011

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Andrew Lam is the award-winning author of 'Perfume Dreams' and 'East Eats West', authoritative novels on life in the Vietnamese diaspora. He is also a long time NPR commentator as well as a passionate activist working to end the trafficking of women around the world....