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ChatChat - Claudia Cragg

Mar 30, 2017

Marcus du Sautoy, "I don't see how anybody can believe that climate change is not happening because if you see the correlation between the carbon that's being put into our environment via us as humans and the increase in temperature, if you don't think there's a connection (then) I really don't understand how you can...

Mar 16, 2017

YES! Magazine cofounder, Sarah van Gelder was becoming increasingly alarmed about the state of American society until it came to her that something could be done.

Witnessing the deep divides, racial violence, climate change, economic insecurity, and inequality - she wondered if perhaps US society is coming...

Mar 9, 2017

Author Gene Stone-@Genestone - talks about his latest book, The Trump Survival Guide' with KGNU's Claudia Cragg (@KGNUClaudia). 

The book contains twelve chapters, each one centering on an important matter to voters—from civil rights to immigration, from the economy to women's issues. Inside each chapter is a...