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ChatChat - Claudia Cragg

Apr 23, 2018

Claudia Cragg (@KGNUClaudia) speaks here for KGNU Denver/Boulder (@KGNU)'It's The Economy' with James Bannerman (@Geniusjcb). Bannerman is a 'Creative Change Agent' who "combines Creativity with Psychology to help businesses innovate". His most recent books are "Genius!: Deceptively simple ways to become instantly smarter" and "Business Genius: Deceptively simple ways to sharpen your business thinking".

Kindly note: In the US, the first of these two books is published as 'Brain Boot Camp: Secret Strategies to Become Instantly Smarter'

Bannerman says that the books aren't going to turn you into a genius, but he says you already knew that. What it will do, he maintains, is increase the number of genius moments in your life. You know, those amazing times when you cleverly solve a problem that others have been struggling with, or come up with a brilliant idea that makes the ordinary extraordinary.

We could all do with a touch more inner genius: The ability to see what others miss. The ability to shape an ingeniously persuasive argument. The ability to create, adapt, adjust, rethink, tweak, and polish. This is the stuff upon which amazing careers and great businesses are built.

And while we can’t all be the next Einstein, Shakespeare, or Steve Jobs, we can all develop and hone our genius thinking skills.

His combined work just might enable you, the reader, to:

  • Solve problems and dissolve obstacles
  • Spot opportunities that others miss
  • Win arguments with persuasive lines
  • Turn the distinctly average into something truly special

Those who think creatively are given a massive advantage, he argues, —in the workplace and at home—and everyone can do it, with a bit of help.

As an innovation consultant Bannerman has worked with many leading organisations including Aston Martin, British Airways, Orange, Starbucks, Rolls-Royce and HSBC, as well as at the National Space Centre on a mission to Mars.

He also lectures on business creativity and innovation on the MBA programmes at Warwick Business School, Grenoble Ecole de Management, and Oxford Brookes University, where he is currently doing a PhD on the impact of lateral thinking upon organizational advantage.

Before working in business he was a platinum-selling songwriter, a freelance cartoonist (eg. Punch), a trained clinical psychotherapist, and he has an MA Hons in English Literature from Edinburgh University