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ChatChat - Claudia Cragg

Jul 19, 2017

Professor Chris Rapley, Ph.D., CBE and Director of the British Antarctic Survey, has been
one of the most respected scientists in the UK. This was first broadcast on KGNU Denver/Boulder in 2006. 

Rapley has spent years looking at what the deep ice of Antarctica tells us of past epochs.

Through his work, he can explain what influence man has made to our climate and what the data shows for future trends.

According to Professor Rapley, "As well as changing the chemistry of the
atmosphere, oceans and land, we've paved over significant amounts of the planet, we have shifted species from one part of the planet to another; we've changed and destroyed habitats and are destroying biodiversity."

"All of these things are intricately connected, so there is no way other than by being a sort of flat-earth ostrich that you could imagine that humans could do these things without there being consequences."

"And this is worrying since we live on a finite planet which provides us with our food, our fresh air, our fresh water, our energy, and our shelter.”