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ChatChat - Claudia Cragg

Apr 11, 2013

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Mary Luana Williams, author of the newly published  'Lost Daughter', Jane Fonda's adopted daughter speaks here for KGNU with Claudia Cragg. Williams grew up with the Black Panther movement in Oakland, CA. In her early teens she was raped by a pseudo 'theatrical agent' and subsequently adopted by Fonda taking her out of Oakland and the Panther community.
She now works extensively with foundations for 'Lost Boys' in Morocco, the Sudan and Tanzania, in many ways working the same principles she learned from her mother. This conversation does not focus at all on 'celebrity issues', but instead on politics, race and gender and also on Ms. Fonda's gamut of political passions. Ms. Williams has also been making strenuous attempts to re-connect her life through time spent with her extended birth family most of whom have remained in Oakland.